Prefabrication is a crucial activity for Toto, which took the strategic decision to make it part of its core competences in order to: handle all phases of the project, guarantee product quality and develop techniques that would reduce the times and costs relating to both construction and building site logistics.

The high quality of the product, construction techniques, engineering expertise, investment in R&D, use of avant-garde materials and, not least, in-house production of prefabricated elements by specific building site plants are the defining factors of this sector.

Toto has made use of its know-how in prefabrication on various projects, applying industrialised production logic to the different phases of work:

  • For the construction of one of the highest bridges in the Middle East, in Lebanon, the 25-1 Mdeirej Viaduct, a manufacturing plant was built to produce 40 metre long prestressed hollow beams that wieghted 168 tonnes.
  • For the construction of the Martignano Tunnel, excavated with the Tecla TBM along Trunk Road no. 47 in Valsugana, 24,000 tunnel lining segments were produced by one of Toto's plants.
  • For the A1, at Lots 6/7 of the Valico Bypass, Toto used the segment manufacturing plant built for the Sparvo Tunnel, one of the largest in the world with a record-breaking daily output.
  • The Lunghezza (RM) plant for prefabricated beams in reinforced concrete and pre-stressed reinforced concrete - which received the CE mark - was established to accompany building work on the Rome Slip Roads on the urban stretch of the A24.

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