Infrastructure-associated plant design has assumed an increasingly important role thanks to greater collective sensitivity to themes such as energy saving, public safety and safety in the workplace. The plants used in these projects have shed their role as an 'accessory', becoming, especially with the development of electronics, a qualifying element that can add significant value to a project.

The design of a project no longer takes precedence over the design of the plant. In fact the requirements connected to plant design often significantly influence construction choices, with regard to choice of materials, dimensions and geometry for example.

With this in mind, Toto has become a one-stop-shop for its clients and therefore now also provides the following services:

  • Design and construction of new plants for the construction of infrastructure, buildings and industrial plants;
  • Design and execution of projects to modernise and renovate existing plants;
  • Maintenance engineering.

These services cover a wide range of systems, including:

Electric systems of low and medium voltage, water systems and fire-resistant equipment, heating systems, plumbing systems, water lifting and purification plants, electric generators, safety and signalling systems, fire detection systems, telecommunication systems, medical equipment, PA systems, anti-theft devices, CCTV, automatic control systems, traffic signal and control systems and renewable sources.

Some prime examples of completed plant systems include: 24 MW photovoltaic system for Monte Eboli (SA); electro-mechanic system for the Carestia tunnel - A24 motorway; renovation of technological system for the S. Rocco tunnel - A24 motorway; creation of a geographical fibre optic network - A24-A25 motorway - 280 km extension; electro-mechanical systems for the Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway, section 1, Pontecagnano - Contursi - Campagna; electro-mechanical systems for Complesso Immobiliare Agora' Chieti Scalo.

Some of the main projects currently underway include: LED illumination system for Compalnari di Roma; electro-mechanical systems for the Valico Bypass - Lot 13; fire suppression systems for the Gran Sasso tunnel; video-surveillance systems, fire-detection and evacuation systems for the S. Rocco, S. Domenico and Gran Sasso tunnels - A24-A25 motorway.

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